Podcast 20 Behind The Shades: Facing Anxiety The Honest Way

SMT explores the realities of her anxieties to help you with yours.
End Song: Lemon by N.E.R.D X Rhianna



Synead X #Tropicao Interview For the Know It Alls NYC

Synead (@thesynead) is an anime inspired musician, Black Lives activist and trini gyal from Crown Heights, New York.

*Disclaimer: Synead’s language is colorful*
Recorded for The Know It Alls NYC at Barnes & Nobel on 14th Street Union Square.
Hear Tropicao on the playlist at your local H&M.


Podcast 17: Overwhelmed

The title speaks for itself.
Background Noise: An excited African dad *shrugs*


Podcast 16: Be efficient BE-BE efficient

“You have a lot of time…what we struggle with as millennials is how to delegate our time.”-SMT
*Recorded in the car (now that’s efficient!)*
P.S–10 points if you get the image reference


Podcast 15: Instagram & Virtual Realities

SMT discusses the truth about Instagram.

Mentions: Tourè Roberts- One Church LA, “Insta-Fame”


Podcast 14: It Takes A Village

SMT discusses the power and wealth in community.

TV Producer Cynthia Simpson: @NaturalCyn
Sissy’s Closet: https://www.facebook.com/groups/582832618586309/